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Liquid Farm


Returns & Cancellations

As we use DIAM cork, a closure that should be 100% taint proof, we are committed to every bottle singing as it should. If you feel you opened a flawed bottle, please contact us and we can work to replace or refund you for the purchase price of the bottle. We aim to ship only during responsible and safe weather conditions, thus wine requested to be shipped outside those "safe" windows are shipped "at risk of buyer" and are therfore not valid for return or replacement if damaged due to adverse weather conditions during shipment.

Orders cancelled within 2 days of being placed will be charged a small fee to offset the credit card refund fees incurred by our company. Orders cancelled for any reason after 2 days of being placed, should they not already be out for fulfillment, can be cancelled also with a nominal handling fee.

Orders cancelled thereafter are not refundable and will be shipped in full as ordered by the customer at the earliest safe weather window to ship. We *may at our discretion* make an exception to orders cancelled after 2 days, for a min. 15% restocking fee to cover order handling costs and credit card refund fees incurred to our company. Thank you for your understanding.

Please send an email to should you have any issues.