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Dandi label with bee and beet

Launched in 2018, Dandi Wines is a collaboration between long-time Liquid Farm winemaker, James Sparks, and Jeff Nelson. This "second label" provides the Liquid Farm team an opportunity to work with different varietals from different regions around the world.

Jeff and James commissioned Val Littlewood, the artist of the Liquid Farm label, to once again put her talent on display with the Dandi label. Since dandelion grows in most wine regions and, ironically, is widely considered to be good for promoting liver health, this became the prime element of the Dandi label. To tie everything back to Liquid Farm, a small beetroot and bee are both included on the label.

These wines are fresh, fun, and affordable!

From the Vogelzang Vineyard. Juicy, leathery, and meaty. Pair this wine with game meats, Sunday BBQ, or tailgating.

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SKU: 19DandiMourv

The first Syrah from LF!! White pepper, blue fruit, and soft tannins make this wine very approachable.

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SKU: 18DandiSyrah

Reminiscent of a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley, with notes of Meyer lemon, honeycrisp apple, and wet river rocks.

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SKU: 18DandiSB