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The Dark Side - 3-pack

The Dark Side - 3-pack
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Did you know that the reason we only see one side of the moon, or about 59% of it if you are being specific, is because the moon is rotating at pretty much the same speed as it takes for it to complete one revolution around the Earth. Essentially (if the earth were its sun), a "day" and a "year" would be the same amount of time. Also, the "dark" side of the moon isn't actually unlit. It receives just as much sunlight as the "light" side, we just never see it from Earth. Equally, if one were to reside on the "dark side" they would not ever see Earth. Think about that over a glass of one of these three Pinot Noirs.


1 bottle of 2017 'SBC' Pinot Noir

1 bottle of 2016 Spear Vineyards Pinot Noir

1 bottle of 2016 Radian Vineyard Pinot Noir