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Blending wine samples

Wine Nerds Only

WARNING: The following deep dive content is for wine nerds only! LOL

Here is a partial and growing list of people and things we are particularly grateful for (not already mentioned within the site) that we would like to thank.

Val Littlewood

The LF image and identity all started with a sketch of a beetroot that Val crafted and the rest is history. Val resides in her home country of England with her husband and is most passionate about bees. She really likes wine too.

Jeremy & Michelle Ball, Bottle Branding

"What aren't they good at?" is perhaps the suitable question.


Corks. Why they believe in using only DIAM, no cork taint & no bottle variation.

This next section is dedicated to wine education, articles and blogs. Basically, stuff we dig and thought you might, too.

Wine Tasting

The Society of Wine Educators

How to Taste Wine Like a Pro by Tim Gaiser, Master Sommelier


Descriptions and Causes of Wine Faults and Flaws

Info on the Use of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) in Winemaking

Basic Info on Malolactic Fermentation (ML)

Farming and Soils

Organic vs. Non-Organic Farming: The Growing Debate

Moon Gardening Calendar / Today's Moon (UK)

A breakdown of Fruit, Leaf, Flower & Root days

Do Fruit and Root Days really affect the way a wine tastes?

How Diatomaceous Earth Works For Humans and Pets

Semi debunking Native Yeast Fermentation

Nerd out on Vineyard Site Evaluation and The Winkler Scale of Growing Degree Days. East Coast focused but overall some great material.

Winkler Scale of Growing Degree Days which determines an AVA's Region #.

SIP Certification Official Site